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Connect With Customers
Integrated Social Media.
Add your Facebook Like button
and social media.
Product View Tracking
Track all views
for each specific product in
your store.
Add your own logo
or change your background color.
It's fun, quick, and simple!
Create coupon codes
create your own
coupon codes. Name them
what you want.

How It Works

Your store comes pre-loaded with hair for sale already. You can change prices, photos, descriptions or even delete our products and add your own! When customers purchase from your store you receive 100% of the money in your Paypal or Google Checkout. Simply login to your stores backoffice and order the hair wholesale from us. We ship to your customers for you! Their items will arrive in 1-3 days and domestic shipping is FREE!

170 Stores Opened

342 Orders Shipped

33K+ Earned Commissions

1.73K+ Likes

But There's More...

Built-In Affiliate Program

Your store comes with it's own Affiliate program allowing anyone to join your store 100% FREE, They receive a unique Affiliate link to promote your store earning a % on each sale they bring you. (You choose what % you will pay your affiliates.)


Share videos and photos with your customers. Build and promote your online presence. Engage and grow your audience with your very own blog!

Make your store free

Add our "Become an owner" link on your store (optional) and earn $10/mo for each person that joins from your store. With just 3 referrals your store practically pays for itself each month! Some of our members are earning hundreds in referral commissions every month!

Hair 101 Guide

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and more in our Hair 101 Guide.

Marketing 101 Guide

Learn how to dominate Google,Youtube,
Facebook,Instagram and Twitter.

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